Russia turns to Kazakhstan for gasoline supplies – Reuters

Illustrative image. Photo: pixabay

Russia sees Kazakhstan as a source of gasoline in case it continues to struggle with its own supplies due to Ukrainian attacks on oil refineries all over Russia.

That’s according to a recent article on Reuters.

Russia is believed to have asked Kazakhstan to be ready to provide around 100,000 tons of gasoline.

One of the Reuters sources claims that a petroleum deal between Russia and Kazakhstan has already been approved.

However, official Kazakhstan denies such allegations. Shyngys Ilyasov, an advisor to Kazakhstan’s energy minister, said the energy ministry has not received such a request from Russia.

Previously, Reuters reported that Russia had increased petrol import from Belarus, purchasing 3,000 tonnes of petrol from Belarus only in March.

Ukraine is determined to produce drones with a range of 2,000 kilometers and even more, intending to reach the Urals and more critical oil facilities. So far, Ukrainian drones were able to reach Tatarstan on April 2 and damage a drone facility in Yelabuga and an oil refinery in Nizhnekamsk.

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