Russia’s missile production reaches maximum capacity

Andrii Yusov. Photo:

Defence Intelligence of Ukraine thinks that Russia has been at the peak of its missile production, maintaining it successfully for an entire year.

Andrii Yusov, Spokesperson for Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, told this Ukrainska Pravda on June 20.

“Production continues there [in Russia – ed.]. It is sustainable. They have reached the peak of their capabilities and have been steadily at it for a year,” Yusov said.

The DIU official also added that Russia continues to conduct the operation on the northern border, striving to “distract our [Ukrainian – ed.] forces and assets” as the main events occur in the east of Ukraine. But Ukrainian soldiers still face a difficult situation in the Kharkiv region as well.

However, it can be said that the initial Russia’s plan failed completely and the offensive in the Kharkiv region didn’t complete its tasks.

Previously, Russia signed a defence pact with North Korea which is expected to supply more military equipments to the ally, missiles particularly.

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