Romania greenlights Patriot system for Ukraine, expects equivalent to keep its airspace secure

Meeting of the Supreme Council of Defense of Romania. Photo:

On June 20, Romania’s Supreme Council of National Defense approved donating a Patriot air defence system to Ukraine.

That’s according to the official website of the Romanian Presidency.

“Considering the significant deterioration of the security situation in Ukraine due to Russia’s constant and massive attacks on civilians and civil infrastructure, especially on the energy sector, and the regional consequences of this situation, for Romania’s security as well, in close coordination with the Allies, Council members decided to donate a PATRIOT system to Ukraine,” reads the statement on the official President’s website.

The statement also emphasizes that a necessary evaluation of the situation was conducted to avoid any risks for Romania as a result of sending the air defence system to Ukraine. In fact, Romania will negotiate ways to make up for the Patriot system donated and mostly relies on the U.S. on the matter.

“This donation is made on the condition that our country continues its negotiations with the Allies, especially with the American strategic partner, in order to obtain a similar or equivalent system, which meets the need to ensure the protection of the national airspace, to modernize the Romanian Army and to ensure interoperability with the NATO system, being, at the same time, necessary to identify a temporary solution to cover the operational vulnerability thus created,” claims the text of the announcement.

In June, Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu mentioned that his government was discussing the idea of providing Ukraine with one Patriot air defense system.

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