Russia is trying to neutralize all defeats at the front with strikes on civilian infrastructure – expert opinion

With missile strikes on the infrastructure of Ukraine, the Kremlin managed to channel the social discontent of Russians with the failures of the RF Armed Forces at the front. This opinion was voiced by the expert of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future Ivan Stupak on the FREEDOM TV channel.

The expert recalled that during the retreat from the Kharkiv region, Russian propaganda was silent. And when, a few days later, a missile attack was launched on the region, as a result of which it was de-energized, everyone in the Russian Federation was delighted, no one discussed the retreat of the Russians.

“For three days, Russian propaganda, and military correspondents were silent. Or rather, Russian propaganda did not know how to explain the retreat. Russian officials, the military were silent. Russian military correspondents simply howled, and exploded with hatred. Like, what’s going on? How so? Are we retreating? And when, on the third day, the Russian military clique, namely the military clique, struck an electrical substation in the Kharkiv region, the entire region, as well as the Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava, Sumy regions, were de-energized. And then the Russian people were simply delighted, in real ecstasy. This is what we did to the Ukrainians! They are now in the stone age. But no one remembered that the Russian troops retreated from the Kharkiv region, that they abandoned a huge amount of equipment, ammunition, ”said the guest on the air.

And then, according to Stupak, the Kremlin understood how to channel social discontent.

“That is, all problems, all defeats at the front can be neutralized by hitting the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine. Look how happy they are, no matter what the blow – in the Russian segment of the Internet there is simply incredible joy and ecstasy. And there is no mention of military defeat. Only here is the infrastructure, ”said Stupak.

He assumes that Russian strikes against Ukraine’s infrastructure facilities will continue in the winter. Thus, according to him, Russia still hopes to force Ukrainian civil society to take to the streets and protest. But Ukrainians, on the contrary, are even more united against Russian aggression.

“We will already see that the Russian Federation is trying to inspire small pockets of protests in Ukraine, they say, how long can you endure? Zelensky’s office is warm, there is light, and we’ve been here for two hours without light. And we don’t want this to go on any longer. It is clear that this is inspired. But 99.9% of the population has no claims to power. Claims – to the Russian Federation. We see how people respond. Each new blow – and some kind of ma’am is born. What is better in the dark, but without you. That is, the response of the population is simply diametrically different. They are rallying even more against Russia,” Stupak summed up.

Earlier, Alexander Kovalenko, a military-political observer for the Information Resistance group, said that massive Russian missile attacks on Ukraine would not stop, but would occur less frequently. Pauses between them can be from 2 weeks to several months.

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