Lego Patriot: the Nethelands to assemble Patriot system for Ukraine

Sliac, Slowakije, 19-4-2022 De patriot systemen worden beladen en opgebouwd op de aangewezen locaties in Sliac.

The Dutch government believes several states can unite its efforts to urgently assemble a Patriot system and deliver it to Ukraine.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defence.

Dutch Minister of Defence Kajsa Ollongren urged partners to make their contribution to the project.

“We are engaged in talks with partners to compile a Patriot system, including training for Ukrainian crews. With our offer, and consulting with partner countries providing several key parts and munitions, we can provide Ukraine with at least one fully operational system in a short time frame,” said Kajsa Ollongren.

According to the statement, the Netherlands has identified the countries that could potentially provide necessary spare parts and munitions from their own stock.

The Dutch government, being fully aware of how costly Patriots are, is willing to pay the price as “Ukraine is also fighting Europe’s fight”.

“The NATO secretary general recently said that as NATO countries, we can temporarily move below the alliance’s capability targets. So the room for creativity is there. Industrial suppliers have pledged to speed up production and delivery of replacement systems. We are counting on that”, Ollongren referred to Jens Stoltenberg who urged the allies to sacrifice the needs of alliance when it comes to boosting support for Ukraine.

Previously, Spain promised to deliver Patriot missiles to Ukraine within the security agreement.

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