NATO could close sky over Western Ukraine to enable training by foreign instructors and advanced logistics there, – BILD

Illustrative image. Photo: NATO/X

Some NATO member states are ready to act on establishing more efficient logistics and training for Ukrainian soldiers on the territory of Ukraine.

This was reported by German Bild.

According to the media, Estonia, United Kingdom, Poland, Canada, Lithuania, and France support the initiative while the US and Germany stand against it. Hence, no decisons have been made yet and the issue will most likely need broad discussions and time.

Niko Lange, former head of the operational staff of the German Defense Ministry, thinks that training soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Ukraine would be more effective and less costy compared to arranging the process in Europe. Also, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis, spoke in favour of this approach and its effectiveness.

The United Kingdom, Canada, and Estonia claim they are willing to deliver their military equipment closer to the front lines in Ukraine. This idea is known as “advanced logistics”.

In addition, Poland heard Ukraine’s requests on air defense issues and offers a concept of ”expanded air defense’ which would allow to protect the Ukrainian sky with NATO anti-aircraft systems.

Earlier, Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked Poland to shoot down Russian missiles as such move would fit into the concept of “defense”.

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