EU reacts to Russia’s provocation in the Baltic Sea

EU anticipates an explanation from Russia about the buoys removal on the border with Estonia as well as their immediate return.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy said this in a statement, issued on May 24.

“Such actions are unacceptable. The European Union expects an explanation by Russia about the removal of the buoys, and their immediate return,” stated Borrell.

He reiterated the message previously expressed by Estonian authorities, stating this move is a part of Russian hybrid attacks.

“This border incident is part of a broader pattern of provocative behaviour and hybrid actions by Russia, including on its maritime and land borders in the Baltic Sea region,” adds the statement.

Estonia’s official statement was issued on the same day of the incident, May 23.

“Estonia’s response remains calm and clear-eyed. We treat this as a provocative border incident. We will communicate to the Russian Federation through our border representatives and diplomatic channels that such actions are unacceptable, demand an explanation about the removal of the buoys and their immediate return,” reads the statement.

Also, Estonia and allies remain in close contact to counter Russia’s “malign activities” in Europe as this incident follows discussions about Russia’s intentions to change maritime borders with Finland and Lithuania.

On May 23, Russian border guards removed light buoys placed by Estonia on the Narva River to demarcate the border with Russia.

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