Danilov: 127,000 Russian troops amassed on Ukraine’s border

Photo president.gov.ua

Russia will need a million troops to plan a full-scale land operation, while now it has amassed about 127,000 service members on the border with Ukraine.

“To date, the total number of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine is approximately 127,000 service members, including the ground component of 106,000 members with appropriate fire, strike, and maneuver capabilities. There are some movements of troops, but they are not critical so far,” Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov told LIGA.net.

According to him, Russia needs at least one million troops for a full-scale land operation.

“Russians need more than a million troops to plan a full-scale land operation. It will take time to amass them and the movement of such a group of people and equipment cannot go unnoticed,” said the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.

According to him, “all these games near the Ukrainian border” also have a positive effect: the unification of democracies supporting Ukraine in its struggle against the Kremlin.

As reported, in December last year Russia published drafts of two “security guarantee agreements” requiring the United States and NATO to renounce the decisions of the NATO Bucharest Summit on future membership for Ukraine and Georgia, stop eastward expansion, and curtail Alliance’s activities in the former USSR countries.

Russia continues to deploy troops in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and around its borders and uses these military preparations as blackmail against the United States and NATO. If the West refuses to accept Russian “proposals”, the Kremlin threatens to take measures of “military and military-technical nature.”

Ukrinform reports.