Ukraine and US to sign bilateral security agreement at G7 summit in Italy, – Jake Sullivan

President Zelenskyy and President Biden during a meeting in France on June 7. Photo: Volodymyr Zelenskyy/X

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has announced that Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Joe Biden will sign a bilateral security agreement at the G7 meeting in Italy on June 13.

He stated this during a press briefing on June 12.

According to Sullivan, the agreement will reaffirm support for Ukraine and contribute to long-term development of its military forces.

“By signing this, we’ll also be sending Russia a signal of our resolve. If Vladimir Putin thinks he can outlast the coalition supporting Ukraine, he’s wrong. He just cannot wait us out and this agreement will show our resolve and continued commitment,” Sullivan pointed out.

He noted that the US also expects a certain kind of commitment from Ukraine. That would be reforms and allowing the US authorities to monitor the use of the weapons provided as well as innovations from the battlefield experience in the war with Russia.

The White House Representative was determined to once again convey the message that Ukraine has not asked the US to send American troops to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Hence, the agreement will not envisage such kind of assistance.

The US sees the agreement as part of the larger network of Ukraine’s cooperation with the allies that will provide Ukraine with independent and democratic future which is the central interest for Europe, and thus, for the United States of America.

Previously, Biden’s administration approved another Patriot system for Ukraine.

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