Zelenskyy invites Duda, Tusk and European Commission representatives to meet Ukrainian government on Ukraine-Poland border

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Photo: president.gov.ua

The President of Ukraine is determined to arrange an urgent meeting on the Ukrainian agricultural export between Ukrainian and Polish officials before February 24 and urges the European Commission to join.

President of Ukraine is willing to arrive at the border himself and thinks the meeting should take place before February 24 as it is a “matter of national security” both for Ukraine and Poland that can not be “stalled”.

Zelenskyy highlighted the role of the European Commission in solving the issue.

“And I want to appeal to the European Commission: we must maintain unity in Europe. This is a fundamental interest of the European Union. Therefore, Ukraine asks the European Commission that a representative of the European Commission takes part in this meeting, for the sake of common interests and the cessation of political manipulation.” stressed Zelenskyy.

“Enough of Moscow on our land. Enough of misunderstandings,” he added as he explained that only Moscow could enjoy the situation which now seems to be more about politics than economics as pro-Putin messages started to emerge on the border. In this context, Zelenskyy also mentioned that none of the grain was meant for the Polish market and it was not fair to intervene.

Zelenskyy repeatedly pointed out that Ukraine had not forgotten that Poland had chosen to support Ukraine and how appreciated the support was, but also dedicated a large part of the address to explaining why the grain issue can not be treated with disrespect some Polish farmers showed spoiling the Ukrainian grain on the border several times.

“This is the grain that our farmers grow despite all the difficulties caused by the ruthless Russian aggression. Despite the shelling. And often, on those fields that had to be cleared of mines. Despite the threat of missile and drone attacks burning elevators and enterprises. The price of Ukrainian grain is special for us. Like any other product that our economy produces at this time. This is the war economy. Enterprises that work and enable Ukraine to provide for the front, and therefore enable the preservation of our independence, our freedom, and hence, your freedom,” Ukrainian leader said in his statement.