Zelenskyy has put Trump and his “peace plan” at a dead end – expert opinion

Donald Trump. Photo: cnbc.com

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy called on former US President Donald Trump to share his peace plan to end the war in Ukraine. The president warned that any peace plan in which Kyiv gives up territory is unacceptable. Thus, Zelenskyy has put Trump in a dead end, says Peter Zalmaev, director of the Eurasian Democratic Initiative.

“Zelenskyy made a knight’s move, a very bold move. And now it’s Donald Trump’s turn, but we know he won’t say anything. We remember his 2016 presidential campaign and all his promises were absolutely absurd. He proposed resolving the issue with Israel, resolving peace in the Middle East, reconciling North Korea and South Korea, and never mentioned the details of the plan, because Trump didn’t have one,” Zalmayev said.

The expert is convinced that Trump, who speaks in slogans, has no plan for Ukraine.

“Besides just coming and saying that starting tomorrow we will stop giving you weapons, sit down and negotiate with Putin on any terms necessary for Russia. That is, in essence, this will be the capitulation of Ukraine and Trump, by his behavior, shows that he gravitates precisely towards such leaders as Putin, Orban, Erdogan. That is, an absolutely authoritarian leader. He is not interested in the ideals of freedom, the ideals of liberal democracy,” Zalmayev said.

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