Zelenskyy announces Ukraine’s main tasks for 2024

President Zelenskyy meeting with diplomats on February 22. Photo: president.gov.ua

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with diplomats, representatives of states and international organizations and outlined Ukraine’s main goals for 2024.

A video of the meeting has been published on the official president’s Telegram channel.

“2024 is special as this year we have to do our best in terms of our ability to end this war in accordance with the fundamental principles of international law. Accordingly, we have several very specific tasks for this year,” Zelenskyy said.

Among such tasks, he named the protection of Ukrainian citizens from Russian terror thanks to the military and financial assistance of partners, the return of deported children and the return of Ukrainians held in Russian captivity. Active international cooperation, in particular, in terms of the introduction of international sanctions against Russia and the confiscation of Russian assets was presented as crucial as well.

“We are extremely grateful to every state and every leader who provides defense, macro-financial and humanitarian support to Ukraine and our people. I am especially grateful for the programs of long-term support, both defense and financial,” Ukrainian leader said.

President emphasized on the implementation of a Peace Formula which will be a sign that international law, undermined by Russia, is restored.”

It can bring peace – real, fair and clear to every nation. It can also bring our people home to Ukraine – children and adults deported to Russia, Ukrainian prisoners of war and Ukrainian political prisoners,” Zelenskyy stressed.

Zelenskyy elaborated on why it is essential to solve an issue of confiscating Russian assets in Europe and US.

“This year should bring more strength and more principled steps to Ukraine, to each of our countries and to our cooperation. Ukraine invites all reputable states and companies to defense cooperation. We must work together to ensure that Russia does not manage to evade global sanctions. Another aspect is Russian assets. The sooner they are confiscated, the sooner Putin will feel the true price of aggression against international law,” Zelenskyy said.