When the US will start supplying tanks to Ukraine? – expert’s opinion

The receipt by Ukraine of more than 150 Leopard tanks has a positive aspect. If only because the number of Leopards has increased compared to the tank Rammstein. This was announced on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel by Lieutenant-General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, founder of the “Closing the Sky of Ukraine” charity fund, Igor Romanenko.

“In addition, there are also British Challengers, French wheeled tanks, more like reconnaissance vehicles, and armored vehicles, which are also very important for performing defensive and offensive tasks in the steppe zones with landings,” Romanenko noted.

He added that Ukrainian soldiers should be advanced in armored combat vehicles, supported by tanks on the ground and covered from the air.

“Therefore, I still hope that a final decision will be made on the transfer of upgraded NATO MiG-29s, primarily from Poland and Slovakia,” he said.

As for American tanks, the guest on the air believes that Ukraine will receive them by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

“To shift the supply of tanks, if you remember, the Americans made a decision, it was a response to the German Chancellor. But they will be manufactured according to the government program, and, unfortunately, it will be possible to get real American Abrams by the end of this year – the beginning of next year, ”said Romanenko.

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