What will happen next on the territory of Russia and what is Putin’s fate – expert forecast

In Russia, people who were previously silent and understood that there is no one to protect them in the event of the repressive federal Putin machine working against them, are beginning to feel supported. And such movements as the “Legion of Freedom of Russia”, the RDK will be replenished with admirers. Oleksandr Musienko, head of the Center for Military Legal Research, stated this today, June 4, on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

“They are already starting to see some resistance,” Musienko noted. “There is already an armed opposition that is ready to fight with weapons in their hands, so their movement will grow. It is very important. Moreover, I assume that other similar movements will emerge that will also oppose the Russian authorities. Perhaps at some point they will merge with the radical Free Russia Legion if their political demands coincide. I do not rule out such an option.”

Musienko also pointed to the emergence of other movements, including, for example, PMK “Wagner”, which will act in opposition to Putin.

Anticipating the further evolution of the situation, he assumed that conflicts would arise between various movements, and the central government would lose control over the processes in some regions.

“The entire domestic political situation in Russia will shake,” Musienko emphasized. “This is inevitable, especially in light of Ukrainian successes at the front and Russia’s defeats.”

The expert also noted that Putin is doomed to defeat and collapse.

“No one will conduct any negotiations or peace initiatives with Putin, even if we imagine that Russia would agree to the withdrawal of troops. Therefore, his fate is decided in advance. I would treat Putin as a thing of the past and I was already thinking about who will be the head of Russia and who we will really have to deal with,” concluded the guest of the studio.