What are the instruments of influence on the President of Russia, – political scientist Fesenko

First of all, the victory of Ukraine in the war and tough sanctions can “set the brains” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. To do this, the world must continue to help Ukraine. This was announced on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel by political scientist Vladimir Fesenko.

He spoke about the tools of influence on the President of Russia.

“Unfortunately, there is no magic tool that could work on Putin’s brains. Let’s be realistic. This requires effort from all sides. The main tool for setting Putin’s brains, unfortunately, is the same as before – these are the successful actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, these are military victories over Putin,” – Fesenko said.

According to the political scientist, Ukraine’s partner countries should help with larger supplies of weapons, such as armored vehicles for offensive operations, air defense and missile defense (ABM) systems, as well as missile weapons.

“To do this, we need to help Ukraine, help on a larger scale, more quickly, with larger supplies of weapons, the weapons that we don’t have yet. I mean armored vehicles, which are necessary for the offensive, air defense systems, so that the Russians could not attack critical infrastructure in Ukraine and the civilian population in general. We need rocket weapons so we can do more damage to the Russians. That’s when it will act on the brains of Putin. This is the first,” – he said.

In addition, the political scientist believes, it is necessary to introduce restrictive measures against foreign companies that help Russia circumvent sanctions.

“Second, tougher sanctions are needed. It is necessary to strengthen the mechanism of secondary sanctions, the punishment of those companies in third countries of the world that do not formally support sanctions, but trade with Russia, in fact help to circumvent sanctions. Here on them it is necessary to introduce secondary sanctions. These are not sanctions against countries, sanctions against specific companies. Experience shows it works. If we talk about who can brainwash Putin, these are, first of all, those countries that maintain relations with him, that trade with Russia, if they are not interested in the deterioration of the world situation, in the destruction of world trade, they should, let’s say , Putin’s conditions are tougher. Apparently, in Samarkand, at the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO, – ed.), Putin has already begun to brainwash. Therefore, he came annoyed. The response was wrong. So he started,” – Fesenko explained.

Also, according to political scientists, the Russian Federation should be influenced by its partner countries – India, China, and others, to prevent the deterioration of the economic situation.

Putin promised the Prime Minister of India that he was ready for peace talks, but began to do the exact opposite, announced mobilization. This means that it is necessary to increase pressure on Putin not only to Western countries, but also to China and India. If they do not want the international economic situation to worsen, they must step up their pressure on Putin. That’s all together – from military pressure, from the military defeats of the Russian army in Ukraine to the impact on Putin of those who are still dealing with him, trading with Russia, it is this together, maybe, I think, that will gradually set the brains of the Russian leader, ”- he says.

But, as Fesenko noted, sooner or later the Russian people must come to an understanding that Putin needs to be replaced with a normal leader.

“Actually, the last instrument is inside Russia. Sooner or later, the Russian people must come to the conclusion that it is necessary to change such a leader for a more normal one, one who will not bring troubles and problems to the whole world and his own country. That is, the Russian people must straighten their brains. Probably, they need to set their own brains, and then it will work out with Putin, ” – summed up Vladimir Fesenko.

Earlier, in Uzbekistan, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the heads of China and India, Russia’s largest partner countries. However, according to experts, this meeting demonstrated the decline in the reputation of the head of the Kremlin, even among former allies. Moreover, at the SCO summit, Putin did not achieve any real results, except for propaganda.

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