We will never betray our people – Olena Zelenska in interview with 60 Minutes TV broadcast

First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska in an interview with the 60 Minutes television broadcast, which began in 1968 on the American CBS channel, told how children study in Ukrainian schools in the conditions of Russian aggression.

“Now, parents who send their children to school have to give them a grab backpack. It should have water, a phone, a toy, and a change of clothes. From the first grade, children should know where the bomb shelter is and how to act when something happens. This is not what you want to teach children, especially first-graders,” she said.

The President’s wife spoke about the daily bombing of peaceful Ukrainian cities by the occupiers: “They are waging war against the civilian population, using scorched earth tactics. From a moral and ethical point of view, this is not a modern war, but a medieval one.”

The first lady thanked the American people for their support and emphasized the need for its continuation.

“Every delay in aid means lost lives,” Zelenska said.

The President’s wife also spoke about the National Program of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, which should help Ukrainians overcome the consequences of the war and return to normal life. For this purpose, Ukrainian mental health specialists undergo special training, in particular abroad – in Israel, Belgium, and the United States.

“During these months, our society has developed a stable understanding that a person should be at the center of everything. We help each other a lot. I think we will not lose it, but only multiply it. All social and political processes in the country must be people-centric,” Zelenska is convinced.

The First Lady also addressed the residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine: “Do not lose faith that we will return you and that we are waiting for you. We will never betray our people.”

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