We are dealing with an absolute terrorist, he is not crazy and not sick, but a fanatic – Tabakh about Putin’s nuclear threats

Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to blackmail the world with nuclear threats. And from him you should expect anything. Including the use of chemical and biological weapons, not only nuclear. This opinion was expressed on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel by the captain of the 1st rank of the US Navy, retired Harry Tabakh.

“Anything can be expected from him. Many experts say: no, he does not use nuclear weapons, no, the Americans have counter-weapons, we will save them, we will warn them, this is all a bluff. No, not a bluff. He can use very different types of weapons. It is not necessary to have nuclear carriers to infect your water, or to use chemical weapons and much more, to bomb one of your nuclear reactors, thus infecting the entire environment,” – Tabakh said.

He believes that Putin will resort to various terrorist acts. And Putin will not be stopped by the “rhetoric of lulling”.

“He will resort to various terrorist acts. This is a terrorist country. And so, of course, we are dealing with an absolute terrorist, one might say, he is not crazy. I don’t think he is sick. He is a fanatic. Putin has gotten so deep into it that this fanaticism has led us to where we are today. All politicians are rhetoric that will not work for Putin. Calling him to some normal and legal proposes is not gonna work. His aggression can only be extinguished by more aggression. A wolf can be crushed not by a sheep, but only by an even more aggressive animal that looks like a wolf, but not a wolf – a wolfhound. But this lulling, calls to God, to something else – it’s useless, ” – the American military believes.

Tabakh also emphasizes that weak Western leaders who did not respond promptly to Putin’s threats should not be relieved of responsibility before a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. However, now the rhetoric of the West has changed, the expert states.

Thus, the United States has already stated that the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine will have catastrophic consequences for Russia, as stated by National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

“Today the situation has changed, and I am in a good mood from what I heard from Sullivan, and what I heard from Blinken (US Secretary of State – ed.). Previously, there was no such rhetoric. At least the rhetoric has changed, but there are no offensive weapons yet. But I hope for lend-lease, and then you will defeat the Russian army, and all this murder will end, ” – Tabakh concluded.

As previously reported, European and American politicians are developing emergency plans in case the Russian President launches a nuclear strike on Ukraine.

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