War in Ukraine: Hostilities along the whole contact line continue

The hostilities along the entire line of contact continue. Joint Forces Operation Headquarters reported this.

“The fighting continues along the entire line of contact. No breakthrough has been made. Fierce fighting near Pishchevyk (Donetsk region) is currently underway. Russian forces have tried to break through the defenses by using 16 tanks. Three hostile tanks destroyed,” the statement said.

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In Hlukhiv (Sumy region), Ukraine used Javelin anti-aircraft missiles and neutralized a column of 15 Russian T-72 tanks – Adviser to the Commander of the Land Forces.

Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko: Russian troops have entered the Chornobyl Zone from the territory of Belarus. National Guards, guarding the storage of unsafe radioactive waste, are fiercely resisting.