Using trapping methods in Russia, the Kremlin can recruit 1 million mobilized, – military expert Grabsky

The authorities in the Russian Federation do not think about people, because they can gain more cannon fodder as part of partial mobilization. Trapping methods in Russia can recruit 1 million mobilized. This was announced today, on September 23, by a military expert, a participant in peacekeeping missions in Kosovo and Iraq, Sergei Grabsky, on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

According to him, in the Russian Federation, people are used to believing in an official statement and do not perceive that the authorities can lie. So Grabsky commented on the false figures of the losses of the Russian army in Ukraine, voiced by Shoigu.

“The population of Russia lives in the paradigm of the Soviet Union, where such things were absolutely objective. They cannot accept the postulate that the authorities can lie. A simple example of the loss of the Soviet Union in World War II started from 8-12 million, and at the end of the Soviet Union they were already talking about 70-80 million people. Therefore, this is an absolutely normal practice for them, ” – the expert said.

Grabsky believes that Russia will be able to mobilize 300,000 people and even more.

“We need to proceed from objective figures: the population of Russia is about 140 million, the mobilization resource of any country is calculated on the order of 10% of the population, that is, 14 million. It turns out that less than 3% of these 14 million should be collected. The concept of depressed regions, where, despite the fact that there is no particular desire to join the army, but there are quite a large number of people who have been exposed to the prospect of robbing and getting a lot of money,” – noted Grabsky.

He believes that the problems in the Russian Federation will be different.

“These 300,000 potentially mobilizing people are really active part of the population. These are working hands that create some material wealth and pulling out such a large number of people from the economic system at once will affect the situation inside the country,” – he added.

Since the Russian army was not preparing for such a large-scale war, the mobilized also lack equipment, Grabsky said.

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