US, UK, Europe should help Ukraine for the sake of global security – Cameron

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The United States, the United Kingdom, European and other allies must show their strength and support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression for the sake of global security.

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron said this in a column for The Hill, Ukrinform reports.

“We have proved that the dangers of escalation are illusory. Britain was the first to provide everything from anti-tank weapons to artillery, to tanks and now long-range fires like Storm Shadow missiles. Each time Putin has rattled his saber about escalation — and each time it has been empty rhetoric,” he wrote.

Cameron called on the U.S., UK, European and other allies to support Ukraine in fighting against Russia’s completely unjustified aggression.

He said that “our joint history shows the folly of giving in to tyrants in Europe who believe in redrawing boundaries by force.” He stressed that he did not want the West to show the weakness displayed against Hitler in the 1930s, because “he came back for more, costing us far more lives to stop his aggression.”

“I do not want us to show the weakness displayed against Putin in 2008, when he invaded Georgia, or the uncertainty of the response in 2014, when he took Crimea and much of the Donbas — before coming back to cost us far more with his aggression in 2022,” Cameron said.

The minister called for the West to show the strength displayed since 2022, as the West has helped Ukrainians liberate half the territory seized by Putin, all without the loss of any NATO service personnel.

“So let us do it. It goes to the heart of what both sides of the aisle stand for. What both our countries stand for. We fight aggression. We stand up for freedom. We stick by our friends. We show this dangerous, uncertain world that we are unbending in our will. And we win,” Cameron said.

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