US to halt all Patriot deliveries to meet Ukraine’s demand first

The U. S. intends to postpone all valid Patriot orders to first provide for all Ukraine’s needs as it keeps struggling with air attacks within the Russian aggression.

That’s according to the Financial Times.

This policy would address both Patriot air defence systems and interceptor missiles orders from all other states. The only exception would be Taiwan.

“This decision demonstrates our commitment to supporting our partners when they’re in existential danger. And our second message really is to Russia, which is that if they think they can outlast Ukraine in this war, they are mistaken,” the White House official told FT.

The United States will announce about such decision today, on June 20, the media reported.

As Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Joe Biden signed a 10-year security agreement on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Puglia, American President stressed that Kyiv would receive more Patriot air defence systems and missiles.

A day earlier, Swiss media Blick reported that the U.S. was to suspend its agreement on Patriot missiles with Switzerland.

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