US, South Korea and Japan officially react to DPRK-Russia defence pact

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The United States, South Korea and Japan have publicly condemned the intensifying military cooperation between North Korea and Russia, including a consistent flow of weapons from North Korea to Russia.

The statement was issued on the US State Department website.

“The United States, ROK, and Japan condemn in the strongest possible terms deepening military cooperation between the #DPRK and #Russia, including continued arms transfers from the DPRK to Russia that prolong the suffering of the Ukrainian people, violate multiple #UN Security Council Resolutions, and threaten stability in both Northeast Asia and Europe,” reads the statement.

According to it, the Russia-DPRK treaty also “should be of grave concern to anyone with an interest in maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula […] and supporting the people of #Ukraine as they defend their freedom and independence against Russia’s brutal aggression”.

The states, however, emphasized that they still do not rule out talks with DPRK and urged the dictator state to go back to negotiations.

Earlier, South Korea announced it would reconsider its stance on supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine after Putin and Kim had signed the agreement on June 19.

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