UN holds accurate facts on torture of Ukrainian prisoners in Russia

Ukrainian soldier after Russian captivity. Photo: libkos/Instagram

the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine keeps obtaining information on ill-treatment of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Russian captivity and reporting on it.

The Head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine Danielle Bell said this to Ukrinform.

The Head of the Mission saus that the HRMMU reports are based on descriptions and big interviews with prisoners of war, telling about conditions of captivity and forms of ill-treatment applied to them.

“International and national bodies use our reports to launch their own investigations. The Commission on Investigation of Violations uses our work. At the same time, there are other mechanisms that use our findings. For example, a recent decision of the International Court of Justice was based on our reports. The European Court of Human Rights uses our reports in its decisions,” Bell stated.

Earlier, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Andrii Kostin mentioned that around 90% of Ukrainian POWS faced tortures, rape, threats of sexual violence or other forms of violence in Russia.

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