Ukrainians in France Prefer Naming Cultural Center After Deceased Veteran & Singer

Ukrainian community in France has appealed to Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin with a request to name the Cultural and Informational Center at the Embassy of Ukraine in France after the Hero of Ukraine, soloist of Parisian Opera Vasyl Slipak.


“Vasyl had been living in Paris for almost twenty years. He performed on stages of many famous world theaters. He also performed in the Cultural Center at the Embassy repeatedly. At the beginning of the war, in particular, he assembled his fellow musicians in the so-called ‘Musical Hundred’ with the purpose to collect funds for supporting the defenders of Ukraine. Bright career and professional perspectives were not the first priority for Vasyl. For him, the fate of the Motherland, the struggle for its independence and sovereignty were always up front. In 2016 he joined the volunteer detachment and was killed on June 29 at the Svetlodar arc,” says the message, published on

French Ukrainians have also brought up the issue of the Center’s mere existence. It is at risk because of the perspective of the establishment of a different institution. They called the Center a unique outpost of Ukrainian communication during the period of hybrid war carried on by Russia.

Read more information about the appeal here.