Ukrainian snipers are the best in the world today – opinion

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Ukrainian snipers have repeatedly set world records for the range to hit a target. At the same time, they beat their own records, and not their colleagues from the United States and Great Britain, who took part in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Military-political observer of the Information Resistance group Olexander Kovalenko stated this on the FREEDOM TV channel.

He believes that Ukrainian snipers are no worse than Western ones, and in some positions even much better, since they have to work in a real full-scale war.

“It’s quite one thing when you’re sitting in an ambush and waiting for some Mujahideen, for example, or the Taliban. But it’s completely different when rockets are flying over you, bombs are falling, artillery, aviation, tanks, and so on are working. And at the same time, even in difficult weather conditions, you complete the assigned task, not only perfectly destroying the enemy, but also setting a record. Therefore, Ukrainian snipers today are among the best in the world, to say the least, the best in the world,” the military-political observer is confident.

Kovalenko noted that since 2014, Ukraine has been creating high-power sniper rifles.

“We tried our best to create exactly the kind of models that would allow us to work effectively along the line of combat, while not only creating conditions for the safety of the shooter himself, but also to ensure that the enemy did not have the opportunity to create some kind of security buffer and the like. That is, we have certain developments, we have experience. The only thing we have always lacked is either the ability to purchase Western models of rifles and ammunition in sufficient quantities, or spare parts, components that would increase the characteristics, reliability, and so on of the samples of our design projects that we already have,” he said.

The military-political observer added that Ukraine now has the opportunity to obtain Western models of sniper rifles and improve the performance of domestic ones.

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Earlier, at the beginning of December, Germany transferred 15 long-range HLR 338 sniper rifles and 60 thousand cartridges to Ukraine to Ukraine.