Ukrainian President Inaugurates Euromaidan Exhibition

This photo is a property of Ukrinform – UATV.

According to UNN, President Poroshenko gave an emotional address during the inauguration of the Heavenly Hundred’s exhibition. The President praised those who perished four years ago for the future of the country. The Ukrainian head of state asserted at the Maidan Museum opening that it will ultimately be “thanks to the Heavenly Hundred heroes that Ukraine will enter the EU and NATO.”

“We may say without exaggeration that it is thanks to Heavenly Hundred heroes that on June 11, 2017, Europe opened its gates to Ukraine by granting us the visa-free regime. Since September 1st, the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement came into force. I believe that all this is, first and foremost, their success,” noted the Ukrainian President. Petro Poroshenko further added that “the attitude of Ukrainians towards the EU and NATO has drastically changed in recent years.”

The memorial and the museum were designed by the winners of the international architectural competition launched by the Museum itself, all in order to pay tribute to the Heavenly Hundred. Participants had to submit their architectural proposals – two were nominated out of 60 applicants.

Petro Poroshenko noted that all projects were anonymous and that people had the opportunity to make their own choices as to which project was the most worthy to be embodied.