Ukrainian Pizzaiolos at The World Championship

This photo is a property of Ukrinform-UATV

According to the Lviv council’s press service, the best Pizzaiolos of the world will go to the famous Italian pizza capital – Parma – this coming April to test their skills.
“The Pizzaiolo culture started in Ukraine through the network of Pizza Celentano – it was here in Lviv that it all begun. To make a pizza, Pizzaiolos toss the dough in the air and perform impressive acrobatic figures. Pizza making in Ukraine has quite improved during the last few years. We actually had in Lviv, for the first time ever in the country, in November 2017, the First Open Championship of Ukrainian Pizza: Pizza Fest 2017.”

At the end of the fest, we were able to make our very own national team, composed of 9 Pizzaiolos, selected out of 35 contestants. “commented the organizer of the Pizza Fest 2017.
The pizzerias involved in making our team competitive include Positano, Silpo Resto, Pizza Celentano, Vino e Cecina and Smaki-Maki restaurants.

Our Ukrainian Pizzaiolos are benefiting from the training and the mentorship of no other than Danilo Pagano, a former pizza world champion and pizza instructor. To top it off, Pagano has been a permanent judge of the world Pizza championship for 15 years.
Ukrainian Pizzaiolos will participate in 6 categories; among them: Neapolitan pizza (wood stove), the classic pizza, and pizza duo.