Ukrainian Parliament Amends Constitution to Set Path for EU and NATO Membership

Photo Ukrinform – UATV


The Ukrainian Parliament adopted an amendment to the Constitution of Ukraine that enshrines a future with both European Union and NATO membership. The was reported by Channel 24.

This decision consolidates the strategic course of Ukraine to the West and away from Russia.

To approve this amendment, a Constitutional majority of at least 300 votes was required. A total of 334 votes were received. This amendment was authored by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Signatures of the Head of the Parliament and the President of Ukraine are the next procedural steps for the amendment to be fully enacted. The change will officially take effect the day after publishing in the official record.

According to the amendment, full membership in the European Union and NATO is a strategic course for Ukraine. The amendment does not specify any particular dates or efforts in this regard. However, it clearly states that it is no longer possible to not move the country closer to the West.

Consequently, any attempts by politicians to change the course of Ukraine towards Russia will be treated as a violation of the Constitution of Ukraine. It will make any attempts to reorient the country back toward Russia impossible.

In addition, this amendment removes a clause in the Constitution that allowed the Russian military to have access to Ukrainian military bases. Specifically, the Russian Navy will no longer have access to any Ukrainian Navy ports, including the ports in Crimea where the Russians now have vessels stationed.