Ukrainian Businessman Wants to Motivate Ukrainian Olympians

Photo by Ukrinform-UATV

Each Ukrainian sportsman who wins an Olympic medal will receive a monetary reward from Fuks: 50 thousand dollars for the gold medal, 25 thousand dollars for the silver and 15 thousand dollars for the bronze medal. The winner’s coach will receive the same bonus. This is reported by Ukrinform.

“It is a pleasure that, in addition to traditional state support and Olympic medalist awards, our Olympians receive support from Ukrainian businessmen and patrons. The social responsibility of domestic business, the willingness to support those who extol the country in the world with their victories is of great importance, especially in such difficult times. I am confident that interacting in such a way we will together be able to contribute to the growth of a healthy Ukrainian nation and the education of new champions,” said the President of the NOC, the Olympic champion Serhii Bubka, who expressed gratitude to Fuks for the support of the Olympic team.

The Ukrainian Olympians will receive $ 125,000 for the gold medal of PyeongChang-2018, $ 80,000 for the silver medal; $ 55,000 for the bronze medal from the government.