Ukrainian intelligence: The protest movement of the peoples enslaved by Russia will grow

Photo Ukrinform

According to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, the protest movement of the peoples enslaved by Russia will grow. The consequence of the rule of the current Kremlin power is the growing disillusionment with it and the rage of the citizens of Russia.

This is reported by UA, referring to the press service of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine.

Violent repression, murder and thousands of detentions against opponents of the Kremlin’s authoritarian rule have failed to completely destroy the aspirations of the Russian-occupied peoples for independence, the statement said.

“In the near future, protest movements in the Russian Federation will grow not only in the capital, but also – even to a greater extent – in the national regions occupied by Moscow” –  the statement said.

An example was the recent large-scale protest held in Strasbourg. Hundreds of Chechens from all over Europe gathered in the city to take part in a rally near the building of the Council of Europe.

People protested against the arbitrariness of the occupation authorities in Chechnya, which are committing crimes against their political opponents and their relatives. Representatives of Azerbaijan and Georgia also came to support their Caucasian fellows, the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine noted.

In addition, Russia will be held responsible for gross violations of maritime law.