“Ukrainian fortitude is impressive”: Belgians help Ukraine during the war with ambulances

The public organization BEforUkraine from Belgium delivers ambulances to Ukraine. Volunteers have already brought about 60 carriages for Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa. Transport is bought all over Europe. This was told by the founder of the organization, Evrard van Zeulen, FREEDOM reports.

“A couple of days after the invasion, my friends and I created a public organization BEforUkraine. In the beginning, we brought a lot of supplies, medical supplies, and also generators. And since March-April of last year, we have been bringing about 60-65 ambulances, which we purchased from all over Europe and delivered to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian people. Initially, we called friends and relatives, and we also approached businesses. We got a lot of money going into the government organization that allowed us to buy these ambulances,” he said.

Zeulen clarified that these were not new ambulances. They have been refurbished and equipped with everything you need. Then they were sent to Ukraine.

“And what is very important is that people are informed where the cars go. We deliver them to Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odesa. We cooperate with local residents in Ukraine,” he added.

An ambulance damaged during the fighting was also put up on the square in Brussels so that local residents were aware of the situation in Ukraine.

“There is a car on this square that was damaged during the fighting. This car was given to us. Holes from Russian bullets completely pierced the car. This car should show what is happening in Ukraine so that people understand what is really happening. So this is to make people aware of the situation. I am proud to know Ukrainians. They are very persistent in spirit. This is a lesson for us, they have a desire to fight for their lives, for their territory. This is very impressive,” shared the founder of BEforUkraine.

In turn, Chargé d’Affaires of Ukraine in Belgium Natalia Anoshina expressed her gratitude to the volunteers that despite the security situation, they are ready to come to Ukraine and bring transport.

“All ambulances arrived in Ukraine, delivered to Ukraine. Today, our goal is that we first of all came to thank BEforUkraine, our true Belgian friends, who have been helping Ukrainians and Ukraine since the very first day of the war. They are well aware that Ukraine needs medical care, ambulances. They were well aware of the need for generators, they helped with the generators and also with the school buses. And all this is an extremely big, powerful help. They delivered 68 vehicles, which also included more than 60 ambulances themselves. And they worry all the time, care, ask what else is needed, ”she said.

According to Anoshina, the Belgians are ready to send new ambulances to Ukraine again to save the lives of Ukrainians.

“They are very worried about what is happening in Ukraine, they are ready to go to Ukraine on their own and deliver these ambulances to the territory of Ukraine, despite the difficult security situation that exists on the territory of our state,” summed up the charge d’affaires.

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