Ukrainian Coding Finest Will Try to Make it to Google Hash Code 2018

This photo is a property of Google Company

Google Hashcode 2018 is one of the biggest and toughest international programming competitions in the world. Organized by Google for students and professionals alike, it gathers the best coders from all over the globe, and challenges them to a hackathon. This year, a few Ukrainians will be given the chance to show up and prove their skills on the international programming stage, and maybe make it passed the qualifiers.

The competition is organized in two rounds: the first one in March is designed as a qualifier to draw the best teams, and fly them to Dublin for the second and final round of the competition, on April 28. explained that in order “to participate to this Hackathon, participant must pick his/her team and choose their programming language. Organizers are on the other hand responsible to select the Google problem that needs to be resolved during competition.”

The qualifiers for Ukraine will take place on Kreschatik, 29 (Kyiv), or on Vitse-Admirala Zhukova Lane, 17/19 (Odessa), with the support of RoboHouse and Citrus.

Organizers believe: “this competition is a great opportunity to get 6 hours of exciting experience for programmers of all ages, from 15-16 to 116. Participants will have the opportunity to attend short lectures given by leading experts from international renown companies.”