Ukrainian children are a resource for Russians, – Lubinets

Dmytro Lubinets. Photo:

The Russians enroll Ukrainian children in military organizations, they raise them into soldiers and brainwash them. In the future, these children will end up in the Russian army and will fight against Ukraine or other countries. About this during the forum “Ukraine. The year is 2024,” said the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets, FREEDOM reports.

“We constantly emphasize that Ukrainian children are a resource for Russians. They enroll all Ukrainian children in military organizations, raise soldiers, and brainwash them. And children in the future will become members of the Russian army and will fight against us or against another country, including against those countries that now take the position “this does not concern us, we will not help Ukraine,” Lubinets said.

He emphasized that the Russian Federation is a terrorist country, and the Russians are committing genocide against Ukrainian children and other categories of Ukrainian citizens.

Various countries provide assistance in returning children to Ukraine. As part of a meeting of national security and foreign policy advisers held in Malta, the creation of an international coalition of countries was initiated that will facilitate the return of Ukrainian children deported by Russia.

“We believe in Qatar, which recently helped us return 11 children, and we believe in the efforts of the Vatican. Malta’s result: Canada took the initiative to create a large international coalition for the return of our children. 70 countries have already joined it,” said Lubinets.

The Ombudsman also noted that representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross – the only organization that has a unique mandate to protect the rights of prisoners of war – have not been able to enter the places where the Russians are holding Ukrainian prisoners of war for 10 years. He clarified that in addition to the Ukrainian military, 28 thousand civilian hostages are being held in Russian dungeons.

Lubinets recalled that the occupiers detained three official representatives of the OSCE: two in the Donetsk region, one in the Lugansk region.

“And for several years we cannot release them. And all this time the Russian Federation has been a member of the OSCE. Isn’t this an indication that we have a crisis of international organizations? I personally do not believe in international organizations, with all due respect to them. These are realities,” he commented.

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