Ukraine’s Peace formula offers answers to global challenges, – Ukraine’s Prosecutor General

Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Andrii Kostin. Photo:

The Peace formula developed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine addresses not only peace in Ukraine but also some global challenges.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Andrii Kostin, said this on the air of the national telethon.

“The Peace formula presented by President Zelensky is an effective plan to stop the aggressor and restore a just peace. And Ukraine has already rallied an unprecedented coalition of friends and allies. The Peace formula contains answers not only to the issues of Ukraine’s defense, but also to a number of global challenges,” the Prosecutor General stressed.

Kostin’s opinion emerges from the fact that the Russian war is not just a war against Ukraine, it is a war against the global order based on law and rules.

“And restoring justice is also a global challenge, as is nuclear and food security, as is environmental protection. The world needs answers on what to do to overcome these challenges,” Ukrainian top prosecutor said.

That’s why he is convinced that only a united and determined coalition of allies is able to stop the Russian Federation.

“Therefore, I am sure that more and more countries will rally around the Ukrainian Peace formula. In this context, the task of the Summit in Switzerland is to strengthen our coalition, strengthen unity, and agree on the next joint steps,” Kostin said.

In his opinion, the future of the entire world depends on how global security and legal system will react to Russian aggression.

“Today it is being decided whether the civilized world will be able to prove in practice the principle proclaimed after the Second World War: that any war of aggression is the most serious international crime. Therefore, punishing Russia for armed aggression would mean a strengthening of the international legal order,” the Prosecutor General thinks.

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