Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation launches an innovative hotline format – the virtual center Diia.Business

IDPs from Ukraine in European countries often face a lack of information on the rules and procedures for registering their stay, registering a business, finding employment and receiving assistance. That is why the virtual center Diia.Business is launched in order to provide all the necessary answers remotely until Ukrainians can return home.

During the pilot project, the specialists of the Diia.Business centers will advise Ukrainians on staying in 7 countries: Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Germany. Responses to requests from other EU countries will be prepared individually. The Center will also provide appropriate advice to internally displaced persons in Ukraine.

What questions can be addressed:

Consultations on obtaining the status of temporary protection or other legal grounds for staying in another state.

Providing information on housing assistance and employment support resources for citizens of Ukraine.

Providing information on doing business in 7 EU countries (Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Germany) and how to relocate to Ukraine later.

Free online consultation is available on the phones:

080 033 31 83 (free calls on the territory of Ukraine)

+48 22 266 22 75 (international number for calls from EU countries, calls are charged according to the operator’s tariffs)

Details (UA)