Ukraine requests an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council through “referendums” in the occupied territories

Ukraine’s ambassador to the UN appealed to the UN Security Council for an urgent meeting to discuss the annexation votes held in the Russian-controlled parts of Ukraine.

In a letter to the President of the Council, Serhii Kislytsia requested that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres inform the members of the Council about the situation, Voice of America UN correspondent Margaret Besher reports.

On Friday, the Russian occupation authorities began holding so-called “referendums” in Russian-controlled regions of Ukraine. Ukraine, NATO, and allies expressed outrage at the Kremlin’s actions, calling it an illegal attempt to annex territories and an escalation.

US President Joe Biden said that these “referendums” are “a false pretext for an attempt to forcibly annex parts of Ukraine, through a brazen violation of international law, including the UN Charter.”

The American president assured that the USA will reject any fabricated result announced by Russia, and also stated that support for Ukraine will continue.

According to some Western analysts, if Russia annexes the occupied territories, the West will react quickly at the UN level. Diplomats expect to “get a majority for a resolution in the General Assembly,” even despite Russia’s veto in the Security Council, according to a study by the Brussels-based international think tank Crisis Group.

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