Ukraine needs supplies of ammunition and equipment from partners – expert

Ukraine needs the supply of munitions and equipment from partners who, for their part, are also involved in increasing production. Military analyst Ivan Stupak told about this today, December 4, on the air of FREEDOM TV channel.

“Everyone perfectly understands that the Ukrainian stockpile of weapons has run out. We may still have some items in stock, but most of them are out of stock. We simply absolutely need the supply of ammunition from other countries. Equipment is needed. Unfortunately, a few years before the start of the war, Russian sabotage groups destroyed several huge warehouses… And many countries, many manufacturers are well aware that Ukraine will become a large consumer of various ammunition, starting from a simple pistol cartridge and ending with some large cruise missiles,” he said.

According to Stupak, it is profitable for foreign manufacturers to locate production in Ukraine “It is clear that the Ukrainian budget in the coming years, in a good way, should be focused first of all on the war, and secondly, on the restoration of the destruction that happened to us as a result of this war. It is clear that they all set budgets that the Ukrainian government will purchase, and not only the Ukrainian government. All countries have seen that Western weapons are much, ten times better than even cheaper Russian counterparts, they are more accurate, they are more effective, they are more effective. Therefore, Moldova will buy, and Poland will buy, and Armenia will definitely buy,” said the military analyst.

He also believes that it is not worth expecting that foreign manufacturers will start assembling their equipment in Ukraine in the near future.

“Unfortunately, I am still far from the fact that this equipment will be assembled in the near future. If Rheinmetall’s CEO said it would be mid-2024 on a stand-alone basis, 2025 on a stand-alone basis. And to impose some expenses here and there – “shrinking”, “shattering”, something did not work out, something refused – it can really drag on for another 2, 3, 4 months. Therefore, unfortunately, I do not see any particularly optimistic notes here, which will begin in 2 months. As a rule, these things are very difficult in terms of organizing enterprises, recruiting staff, training staff. Well, we understand how the Germans are scrupulous,” Stupak is convinced.