Ukraine extended the embargo on goods from Russia for another year

Photo Ukrinform

On December 23, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the trade embargo on Russian goods for one more year – until December 31, 2022.

UA reports this with reference to the decision of the government.

The ban on the import of goods produced in the Russian Federation into the customs territory of Ukraine has been in effect since 2016.

This decision became a response to the steps of Russia, which unilaterally terminated the agreement on a free trade zone and included Ukraine in the list of countries from which the import of agricultural products, raw materials and food is prohibited.

The Ukrainian embargo applies to a whole list of Russian goods and products. Among them are meat, fish, coffee, tea, grain, caramel, confectionery, sweets, beer, cigarettes, vodka, alcohol, pet food, carriages, locomotives, cars, tractors, paper, detergents, etc.

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