Ukraine condemned North Korean nuclear tests

Photo from Ukrinform–UATV

The Verkhovna Rada condemned the tests of the North Korean weapons of mass destruction. Parliament statement (No. 7434) was supported by 228 MPs.

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During  2016-2017, North Korea has significantly stepped up its efforts in the development and testing of nuclear weapons of mass destruction and intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear charges.

“The above-mentioned tests of the Korean People’s Democratic Republic are conducted with gross violations of international law and pose a real danger to the countries of the region, in particular, testing of the ballistic missiles is conducted in dangerous proximity to neighboring Japan and the Republic of Korea. Conducting uncontrolled nuclear tests violate basic nuclear safety agreements,” says the statement.

World community repeatedly condemned the DPRK’s actions, in particular, by adopting relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council and additional sanctions.

“The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, as the supreme body of the country, which voluntarily abandoned the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world, condemns the actions of the DPRK,” according to the statement.