Ukraine and NATO to strengthen economic cooperation

Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Ihor Fomenko took part in the meeting of the Partnerships and Cooperative Security Committee (PCSC) held at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

“During the work, we certainly paid considerable attention to urgent issues. In particular, the technical assistance that the Alliance can provide us for the rapid restoration of critical infrastructure destroyed by the aggressor’s missile strikes. Thus, the key topics of the event were the post-war rehabilitation of the country and economy. We have identified the development of the military-industrial complex, military and aerospace technologies, military-tech among the priority areas designed to become drivers of economic growth. And we must lay the foundation for future growth, including in cooperation with partners, today. As a result of the meeting, we can talk about strengthening the dialogue on the implementation of joint recovery plans,” said Ihor Fomenko.

During the meeting, the participants discussed options for technical assistance to Ukraine to restore the energy sector.

The Ukrainian side also raised the issue of strengthening bilateral support for Ukraine in the supply of air defense systems.