Ukraine and NATO have signed a memorandum on work on technology projects


The NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCI Agency) and Ukraine today, 17 January, signed an updated “Memorandum of Understanding to Continue Working Together on Communication Technology Development Projects”.

This was reported by UA with reference to the NATO website.

“We have been successfully cooperating with Ukraine for several years, providing it with key opportunities and exchanging knowledge. Under this renewed agreement, we will deepen our cooperation with Ukraine to support its modernization of information technology and communication services, as well as identify areas where staff training may be required. Our experts are ready to continue this critical partnership” – said Ludwig Decamps, General Manager of NCI.

The memorandum was signed by the Ambassador of Ukraine, the Representative of Ukraine to NATO Natalia Halibarenko and the General Manager of NCI Ludwig Decamps.

“The memorandum signed today continues our cooperation started in 2015. With the support of NATO, we plan to continue to implement modern information technologies and services in the management system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” – said Ambassador Natalia Halibarenko.

The projects include an attempt to supply secure communication equipment to Ukraine in December 2018, which is still in use, as well as:

the NATO-Ukraine Regional Airspace Security Program (RASP) to provide early warning and coordination on airspace threats;

a knowledge-sharing initiative in which the Agency’s relevant experts share their knowledge of NATO’s command, control, communications and computer capabilities (C4).

To remind, NATO noted Ukraine’s progress in defense reforms.

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