UK to lead capability coalition for Ukraine and supply thousands of drones

FPV drone. Photo: SSU

The United Kingdom and Latvia will jointly lead a capability coalition, which will supply thousands of drones to Ukraine, including FPV (first-person view) drones.

The statement was published on the UK Government’s website.

“Today, we’re going even further. I’m proud to announce that the UK and Latvia will co-lead an international coalition to build Ukraine’s vital drone capabilities. Together, we will give Ukraine the capabilities it needs to defend itself and win this war, to ensure that Putin fails in his illegal and barbaric ambitions,” said UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps.

Allocating £200 million to manufacture drones makes the UK Ukraine’s largest drone supplier.

Shapps emphasized on the matter of providing FPV drones as they “have proven highly effective on the battlefield” and allow their operators to target enemy positions, armoured vehicles, and ships with explosive ordnancen with situational awareness.

According to the report, today, on February 15, the Defence Secretary will meet his NATO counterparts to review progress on support for Ukraine, NATO’s new warfighting plans, ramping up defence production capacity and preparations for the NATO Summit in Washington in July, marking the Alliance’s 75th anniversary.

The UK pledged to provide £2.5 billion in military aid to Ukraine in 2024/25 and keeps cooperating with NATO Allies Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States to deliver priority air defence equipment to Ukraine.

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