UK Imposes Sanctions on 46 Individuals and Companies for Assisting Russia

Photo: UK Imposes Sanctions on 46 Individuals and Companies for Assisting Russia. Source: Collage The Gaze \ by Leonid Lukashenko

The United Kingdom has announced the imposition of a new package of sanctions targeting a range of individuals and entities aiding Russia in its aggressive war against Ukraine. The list includes 46 Russian defense companies, private individuals, and companies from Belarus, China, Serbia, Turkey, the UAE, and Uzbekistan. This information is posted on the official government portal of the United Kingdom.

Most of the sanctioned Russian companies and individuals are associated with the development and production of drones and missile components, as well as the import and supply of key electronic components. The list also encompasses three entities supporting the Wagner group network, including the “Rusich” neo-Nazi group engaged in combat in Ukraine. Additionally, four ship operators from the UAE are included, forming part of the so-called “shadow fleet” used by Russia to transport oil in circumvention of sanctions.

“These new sanctions demonstrate the UK’s determination towards those supporting Russia’s illegal war, regardless of their location,” emphasized the British government in its statement.

The British government also notes that today’s set of measures comes on the eve of G7 leaders discussing and coordinating additional actions aimed at reducing Russia’s income necessary to fund Putin’s military machine and preventing Russia’s access to resources for its military-industrial base.

“The sanctions deprive the Russian army of key Western components and technologies. Sanctions on international supply chains have led to a 98% reduction in Russian technology imports for military operations from countries that have imposed sanctions. Prior to the invasion, Russia was a major arms exporter. Now, it is forced to turn to North Korea and Iran for unreliable military equipment. While the world technologically advances, Russia is moving backward,” highlighted the British government.

It is worth noting that today it was also revealed that the United States has imposed sanctions on companies from six countries for supplying electronics to Russia. The sanctioned network consists of nine legal entities and five individuals from Russia, Belgium, Cyprus, Sweden, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands.