UATV Launches Series of Reports: ‘Army 2.0’

Photo UATV


The Day of Armed Forced of Ukraine, December 6th, is coming. This day in 1991, Ukraine adopted the law on Armed Forces, and the celebration itself was established two years later.

On the eve of the event, UATV will launch a new series of reports: Army 2.0.

Modernization of the army, most advanced equipment, cutting edge methods on training and combat medicine are among the topics that will be covered in the series of reports.

The true heroes of Ukraine are the military, volunteers and doctors who have been working tirelessly for over five years now defending the country.

“In the beginning of 2014, the Ukrainian army was pointedly kept in the Soviet order. It didn’t have enough combat experience or supplies, soldiers lived from payday to payday,” one of the authors of the series, UATV war correspondent Ihor Medelian, said.

This was the result of national policy, which was affected by Russia for many years. However, after Russia attacked Ukraine, the upgrade of the army became a vital issue. After five years of reforms, the Ukrainian army became one of the strongest in Europe.

UATV will show different aspects of the reform process: technical modernization, rearmament, medical search and rescue operations, and will report on the impact of the volunteer movement. We will talk about NATO cooperation and how, through various NATO programs, Ukrainian troops underwent training.

People are the main highlight of all topics, Medelian says. Thanks to them, Ukraine has survived aggression during these years.

Watch the Army 2.0 series during news casts from December 2nd until the 6th.