Boat Collision in California Injures 13, Two Missing

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Two private recreational boats collided Saturday evening in California, injuring 13 people and causing two to go missing and “presumed submerged.”

When the accident happened at Moabi Regional Park, the Colorado River was crowded with people enjoying Labor Day weekend.

According to San Bernadino Fire District Spokesperson Eric Sherwin one person has a life-threatening injury and is being treated at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, while the others sustained minor to moderate injuries.

“We had victims of this collision that were located three to five miles downstream from the original point of impact,” Sherwin said.

Other recreational boats converged on the scene and downstream to help rescue victims, Sherwin said.

The search had to be temporarily called off for the two missing people as it was too dangerous to put divers in flowing waters after dark, but today it continues.  One of the two boats stayed afloat and the other sunk, but sonar of the sunken boat did not show a body within.