To receive the next tranches from the IMF, Ukraine must meet 12 conditions

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The Government of Ukraine has undertaken to implement 12 major “structural beacons” to receive funding from the International Monetary Fund’s stand-by program.

This was reported by UA with reference to the memorandum on economic and financial policy signed by Ukraine and the IMF.

The IMF has extended the stand-by program until June 2022. To receive financing, Ukraine must implement 12 “structural beacons”, which are listed in the table of the memorandum signed with the IMF.

According to the document, the Ukrainian government undertakes to approve the budget for 2022 by the end of November with a deficit target of 3.5% of GDP.

By the end of December, the Ukrainian government is due to release the results of an audit of funds spent on the COVID fund. At the same time, the NBU must approve a plan agreed with the IMF to improve the professional level in the field of banking supervision.

The Attorney General’s Office is committed to publishing six-month reports by the end of 2021 on proceedings against former bank owners that have been withdrawn from the market since the beginning of 2014.

By the end of January next year, the government must adopt a roadmap for bringing PrivatBank and Oschadbank to market for partial or full privatization.

In February 2022, the Ukrainian government must adopt a strategy for the return of assets of bankrupt banks. All this must be done before the next, second, IMF audit of Ukraine, which will take place in March 2022. Based on its results, the Fund will decide on the next tranche.

To remind, today Ukraine received the second tranche of $ 699 million in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund.

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