Three Rockets to Be Launched With the Participation of Ukraine This Year

Photo from Ukrinform – UATV


Ukraine will be helping with three rocket launches this year.

The main developer of the Antares rocket is the American company, Orbital ATK. The structure of the first stage is created by the Ukrainian state-owned space branch enterprises, Yuzhnoe State Design Office (YSDO) and Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant (PAYMBP).

Arianespace Vega rocket, marked as VV12, launches from the Guiana Space Centre, with the Aeolus satellite, for the European Space Agency (ESA), in September. ADM-Aeolus will become the first satellite to transmit data on external winds globally.

The Vega launch vehicle is developed by the ESA and Italian Space Agency. The RD-843 sustainer engine for the 4 grade rocket carrier was also developed by YSDO, and manufactured by the state-owned PAYMBP.

Also, on Nov. 10, Orbital ATK Antares is scheduled to launch from NASA’s Wollops Flight Facility to the International Space Station. The mission is known as OA-10.

The launch dates may be changed and updated throughout the year.

The rocket launch schedule can be found here.