There won’t be any ‘Minsk-3’ – German ambassador on future peace talks

German Ambassador to Ukraine Martin Jaeger on the air of Ukrainian TV. Photo: German Embassy in Ukraine/X

German Ambassador to Ukraine Martin Jaeger says Germany understands that it is Ukrainians who bear the burden of the war and they know what kind of negotiations they can demand.

He said this on Ukrainian TV on May 13.

“These are Ukrainian sacrifices that are being made, and only Ukraine can decide when such negotiations and such a decision will become possible. We will not give any instructions to Ukraine. If there are any negotiations, we will stand by Ukraine. There won’t be any ‘Minsk-3’,” German Ambassador to Ukraine Martin Jaeger claimed.

Jaeger added that Germany now fully understands what Russia seeks and that such Russia that they now know doesn’t pursue peaceful order in Europe. He says that back in 2014, there was no such understanding and Russian intensions were not clear to his country.

While acknowledging that some things could and maybe should have been resolved differently, Jaeger emhasized that only the present is what matters, and Germany is now standing with Ukraine so it can defeat Russia.

The diplomat noted that Germany supports President Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula and believes it to be a proper approach to end the war.

On June 15-16, the Global Peace Summit will take place in Switzerland, heads of state and government from all continents are currently receiving personal invitations from Volodymyr Zelenskyy. While Ukraine is determined to engage with as many countires as possible, Russia will not be represented at the first meeting.

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