The Verkhovna Rada has limited the circulation of plastic bags in Ukraine


On June 1, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law “On limiting the circulation of plastic bags on the territory of Ukraine”.

UATV writes about this referring to the parliament’s web-portal.

The law is aimed at reducing the use of plastic bags in Ukraine.

Thus, it is prohibited to distribute ultra-thin, thin and oxo-folded plastic bags in retail, catering and services facilities.

The ban does not apply to biodegradable plastic bags, as well as ultra-thin plastic bags intended for packaging and/or transportation of fresh fish, meat and meat products, bulk products, ice and distributed in retail outlets as primary packaging.

Plastic bags that don’t meet the requirements of this law will be withdrawn from circulation.

The law prohibits the free distribution of plastic bags.

Liability for violation of the requirements of the legislation in the field of distribution of plastic bags in the form of fines and the procedure for their imposition are also determined.

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