The Ukrainian Defense Forces are destroying Russian armored vehicles faster than the occupiers are trying to restore them – details from an expert

Ukrainian defenders are destroying Russian heavy armor faster than Russia is trying to restore it, namely 150 units per month. The occupiers face a shortage of armored vehicles and are forced to rely on the restoration and use of old models in a full-scale war against Ukraine. Victor Yagun, a military and public figure, major general of the SBU reserve, deputy chairman of the SBU (2014-2015), spoke about this on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

“If you count by what appears at the front, this is no more than 150 units of all armored vehicles, not only heavy, but also light, which is taken from warehouses, restored and restored. And indeed, if we look at the statistics of the General Staff and superimpose it on the number that they have, it turns out that ours are more likely to destroy equipment than they are trying to restore it. This is the biggest paradox, that is, they really work in the negative for themselves, ”he said.

According to the expert, of the tanks that Russian invaders are transferring to the front today, there are only a few dozen more or less modern models per month.

“I don’t think that the T-14 Armata will appear there, because the Armata was never perfected, only about 12 of them were made. Perhaps they will try to launch the T-90, but the problem is that a huge number of components are modern things, either Western-made, or which have no analogues. So what can they expect? This is the restoration of tanks that were in storage warehouses – these are T-72s, which in fact are not so many. The main mass is the T-62, and they really began to appear, especially in the southern direction, ”said the guest on the air.

He also noted that in some combat units where the mobilized Russians are located, they began to use T-55 tanks.

“Well, what can I say? We also have such equipment that Slovenia gave us. But this is such a deep modernization that I would not even call it T-55. It doesn’t even match the name. What can Russia do? She can restore the engine, sort out the mechanics, fill in new fuel and oil, install some impossible electronics, where the connection is unclear. They can train the mobilized, mainly those who had the education of tractor and combine operators, that’s all. That is, they will really try to take on numbers, ”summed up Viktor Yagun.

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Previously, Project Oguh estimates that the Ukrainian Armed Forces (APU) destroy or seize up to 150 Russian heavy armored vehicles every month. Oryx takes into account only those losses that are confirmed by photo or video frames. The real numbers may be higher.